How to draft a letter for permanent employment

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If you're working as a substitute or temp in a company and feel you deserve consideration for permanent employment, the proper way to begin such a request is with a formal business letter. When drafting your letter, standard business letter formatting rules apply. Your letter should be brief and concise. Explain to your employer in a respectful tone why you believe a promotion to a permanent position will benefit the company as well as yourself.

Greet your employer by name with a formal salutation that uses the most appropriate prefix or suffix, such as "Dear Mr. Wolfson."

Write a two-to three-sentence introductory paragraph that explains your letter's intent--to discuss the possibility of you becoming a permanent employee of the company. State that you have enjoyed your time in the temporary position and that your outstanding performance would make you a valuable asset as a permanent member of the team.

Write the second paragraph and focus on which specific position you desire. Do not indicate you are interested in any open position, as this seems more like desperation for employment rather than the desire to forward your career with an available position. Explain how you believe you can succeed in this position and help the company. Draw on your skills and accomplishments on the job as proof.

Write a third paragraph, summing up your other achievements at your current job in two to three sentences. Remind your employer of your education and any training you have that is relevant to the permanent position.

Write a closing paragraph and indicate how you will be contacting the employer to discuss this opportunity further. Thank him for his time and consideration, then end with a formal closing ("Sincerely"). Type your name, then sign above the typed name after printing.

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