How to Make Window Grid Inserts

windows. window box image by L. Shat from

Window grid inserts can add the look of history and heritage to the home. You can design and assemble the window grid to suit your personal preferences and home design. Building window grid inserts are fairly easy to do with the right materials.

Measure the height and width of the window to determine how long the window grid inserts should be.

Measure and cut vinyl moulding strips with scissors to fit the window pane. You will want to measure the strips that will be inserted across the window vertically and horizontally, depending on the design.

Push to install a wrap around clip or push pin to connect the grid sections together. Alternatively you can apply high quality adhesive glue to connect the sections.

Apply a self-adhesive Velcro hook and loop fastening tape to the glass and place the window grid insert onto the adhesive material. Push the material firmly inward so the stick holds.

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