How to Glue Sequins

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Sequins are a reliable way to add shiny embellishment to anything from fabric to paper. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colours, guaranteeing that you can match your sequins to any project. You can purchase sequins at a speciality crafts store or in any store that has a craft section. The main problem with applying sequins is that they are small and prone to sticking together. When gluing sequins, they often stick to fingers, tables and undesired sections of the craft material. With a few simple tools, you can combat these common problems when working with sequins.

Draw a plan for where you want to place the sequins. No matter what you are applying sequins to, placement will be much easier if you plan ahead.

Spread the sequins out on a white paper plate that provides contrast in colour so you can see the sequins well.

Lay the fabric or paper out on a flat surface with a trash bag underneath to catch stray glue and sequins.

Squeeze out a tiny dot of glue in each place that you will glue a sequin. Only make five or six dots at a time to make sure you have time to place the sequins before the glue dries.

Apply a tiny amount of glue to the tip of a toothpick to make the tip tacky enough to pick up sequins. You don't need a large amount of glue, so running the toothpick over the end of the glue bottle will probably provide enough glue to make the end tacky.

Pick up one sequin by touching the tacky tip of the toothpick to the front of one sequin. Using the toothpick makes it easier to handle individual sequins and prevents them from sticking to your fingers.

Place the sequin on top of the glue dot on your fabric or paper and press down slightly until a dot of glue oozes through the centre of the sequin. This will act as a rivet to help hold the sequin in place.

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