How to Clean a Carport Roof

It is important to clean and maintain your carport roof regularly to prevent a build-up of debris that could cause damage and result in expensive repair bills. Regular cleaning, on average every four to six months, will help keep your carport in good condition.

It also will allow you to spot any damage and make minor repairs before they worsen.

Cut back any vegetation that is growing over the carport roof. Trees and shrubs can grow very quickly and fallen leaves will clog up the roof's drainage system. Too much shade can cause moss to grow. Trees also encourage birds -- along with their droppings -- to get on the roof.

Climb the stepladder and sweep any debris from the roof with the brush. You will need to access the carport from several angles to clean all areas; consider attaching an extension handle to the brush. Only climb onto the roof if you are certain it is secure enough for you to do so.

Check for rust spots on a metal roof, or wear and tear on a plastic or wooden roof. Repair any minor damage. Remove rust spots with a scourer.

Add bleach to water in proportions recommended on the label. Soak the roof, leaving it for 30 to 40 minutes. Wear protective gloves and goggles and make sure the car is not in the carport in case there are any leaks. Keep children and pets out of the way. The bleach will kill any moss that is trying to take root on the roof.

Spray the roof clean with the garden hose or pressure washer. This will remove the bleach and any remaining stubborn dirt. Check for any leaks and patch or repair them, using materials appropriate for the type of roof material.