How to Cancel a Vodafone Mobile Contract

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Vodafone offers monthly plans for their mobile phones, but like many wireless carriers, the plans require you to sign a contractual agreement. If you've decided to leave Vodafone, however, you'll need to notify customer service. Vodafone requires a notice of one calendar month in advance to close your account.

Cancelling can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home; simply send an e-mail to the proper department. The process is the same for business and personal wireless accounts.

Click the link in the "Resources" section to send an e-mail to Vodafone customer support.

Type your name and valid e-mail address into the appropriate fields. Click the radio button next to the "Are You" field that describes your relationship with Vodafone.

Enter in the mobile number you wish to cancel. Type your account password or PIN number into the appropriate field.

Include your account name, account number and mobile number in the message body. You should also provide your billing address and the date you wish the contract to be terminated. If you plan on porting your number, you should also request a porting authorisation code.

Click "Submit" to send your message.