How to convert vases to lamps

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Decorative vases can make attractive table lamps for any room in your home. Readily available lamp kits make converting vases to lamps a simple project. Select the kit with a fixture pipe that best fits the height of your vase. You can also size the pipe as needed with a pipe cutter.

Craft stores, hardware stores and home improvement stores sell lamp kits with pre-wired components that make it possible to convert a variety of objects into lamps with no electrical experience required.

Measure and mark the bottom centre of the vase you wish to convert into a lamp. Measure the diameter of the fixture pipe that was included in the lamp kit.

Drill a hole through the bottom centre of the vase large enough so that the fixture pipe will fit through it. Make sure to use a drill bit that is appropriate for the type of vase you are converting. For example, use a ceramic bit to make a hole in a ceramic vase or a diamond bit to make a hole in a glass vase.

Lay the vase on its side. Place the fixture pipe inside the vase. Insert one end of the pipe through the drilled hole in the vase so that 4 inches of the pipe exit the bottom of the vase.

Fit the centre hole in the wood lamp base over the protruding section of pipe. Screw and tighten the locking nut from the lamp kit over the end of the pipe as it exits the wooden lamp base.

Fit the hex nut over the pipe inside the vase. Tighten it down to rest against the inside bottom of the vase. The locking nut and hex nut secure the pipe to the vase and to the lamp base. Stand the vase upright on the wooden base.

Fit and tighten the lamp fixture neck component from the lamp kit onto the fixture pipe inside the vase. Fit the bottom of the lamp harp onto the lamp fixture neck. Secure the lamp harp with locking nuts included in the lamp kit.

Fit the pre-wired light socket over the neck component and tighten. The electrical cord is attached to the pre-wired light socket.

Attach the lamp harp. Insert the light bulb into the light socket. Remove the finial attached to the top of the lamp harp. Fit the lampshade onto the harp. Re-attach the finial.