How to put glitter on a ceiling

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Every little girl goes through a princess phase. She'll want to dress up like a princess, watch princess movies, hear princess stories, and act out princess scenes. She may even ask to decorate her room in honour of her favourite princess and might want to glam it up with a little touch of glitter.

Because glitter can be messy, it is best used in a place that won't be touched. The ceiling is a perfect spot for glitter in a room and can be easily added to clear-coat varnish for quick application.

Visit your local craft store to pick up the items you'll need. When selecting glitter, choose a colour that will coordinate well with the existing colours in your room. For example, if your room's walls are white and the carpet is pink, choose a pink glitter that will best match the floor.

Mix the glitter into the clear-coat varnish. Sometimes glitter is simply tossed onto the ceiling while the ceiling paint is still wet. While that method works, it is terribly messy. Mixing glitter into a clear-coat varnish will allow the colour of the glitter to shine through against your ceiling's paint colour. Mix your glitter varnish creation using one part glitter to three parts varnish and combine using a paint stirrer.

Apply the glittery varnish to the ceiling. Pour the varnish into a paint tray just as you would traditional paint. Use your paint roller attached to the extension rod to apply the mixture to the ceiling, and use a paint brush for applying the mixture to corners of the ceiling. Fill in any splotchy areas.