How to Cut an MDF 45-Degree Angle

MDF stands for medium density fiberboard. It is made from wood fibres which are compressed to make a smooth finish. MDF is often used for cabinets and other furniture. To make professional-looking furniture, using mitre cuts to join two edges is key.

Mitring involves cutting two pieces so each has a 45-degree angle on the end; when the pieces are placed together, they make a 90-degree joint. Cutting the MDF to a 45-degree angle requires attention to detail and a saw capable of making angle cuts.

Mark the measurement you want to cut onto the MDF.

Set your table saw or compound mitre saw blade to 45 degrees.

Place the bottom edge of the MDF closest to the blade. Turn on the saw. Push the MDF through the blade of a table saw, or pull the mitre saw's blade down onto the MDF.