How to Open a 3-Digit Lock on American Tourister Luggage

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Travelling long distances can be a hectic experience; worrying about layovers, time changes, and jet lag is difficult enough without enduring draconian security measures. Having lockable luggage won't solve all of these problems, but it may offer some peace of mind that your valuables are safe. American Tourister luggage frequently offers the option for three-digit rotary locks that can be programmed by the user for his or her own security needs. However, this convenient feature can turn into a nightmare if you suddenly forget your combination, or find yourself using second-hand luggage that has the combination already programmed. Thankfully, resetting the password should take only a few minutes.

Rotate each dial of the luggage lock to the "0" position.

Push the "lock" button located next to the dials, and hold it down.

While holding down the lock button, turn the dials to the desired digits for your new locking combination. When you have set all the dials to the appropriate numbers, release the lock button. This will reset the lock combination to the chosen digits. To open the luggage simply press and release the lock button with the appropriate combination entered and it should unlatch automatically.

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