How to Change the Daytime Running Lights on a BMW Z4

The daytime running lights on your BMW Z4 help other drivers spot your vehicle on the road. If one of the daytime running lights goes out, you should replace it immediately.

Not only do the lights help prevent accidents, but many states have laws prohibiting driving a vehicle with faulty lights and you could receive a ticket for doing so. Fortunately, the daytime running light replacement process is very simple on a BMW Z4.

Turn off the engine and open the bonnet.

Remove the access cover from the daytime running lamp on the turn signal assembly. The daytime running lamp is contained behind the smallest cover on the assembly.

Rotate the bulb counterclockwise and pull it out to remove it from the assembly. Disconnect the plug from the bulb and connect it to the new bulb. Use a clean cloth to handle the new bulb and install it into the assembly. Rotate it clockwise to secure it.

Reattach the access cover and close the bonnet.