The Best Way to Clean a Rowenta Steam Iron Soleplate

Rowenta is a global company that makes a variety of high-end, elegant appliances including steam irons. According to the Rowenta website, their soleplates are stainless steel and “coated with a thin silicate coating.” Because of this, ordinary household items should not be used to clean the soleplate.

To insure the longevity of the soleplate, clean often, only use bottled water in the steam chamber, and avoid ironing over zippers and sticky items.

Cool the Rowenta Steam iron completely. Failing to do so could lead to injuries and severe burns.

Pick away any pieces of lint or fabric that may be stuck in the holes of the soleplate.

Wet the wash cloth, and wring out any excess moisture.

Wipe down the soleplate with the wet wash cloth. Use an up and down method with medium pressure. Folding the wet wash cloth over your fingertips will help to get inside the holes on the soleplate.

Apply the soleplate cleaning paste directly to the cleaning cloth. Wipe the paste over the soleplate using a circular motion with medium to firm pressure. The cleaning paste, cleaning cloth and polishing cloth will come in the soleplate cleaning kit.

Buff the soleplate with the polishing cloth. Repeat if necessary.