How to Kill English Ivy With Rock Salt

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English ivy is an invasive vine that often takes over trees, the sides of homes and may even kill other plant life. This plant is hardy in almost all conditions and reproduces quickly. Traditional control methods may not be effective against it. An application of rock salt can dehydrate English ivy and essentially cause the plant's cells to collapse, so it works as a natural killer. When used properly, rock salt can kill English ivy in as little as a week.

Move any flowers, shrubs or other plant life away from the English ivy. It may be impossible for any plant life to survive in the soil once the rock salt is applied.

Pour a ½-inch layer of rock salt around the base of each English ivy stem.

Examine the English ivy on a daily basis. Apply another ½ inch of rock salt around each stem if the plants don't die within a week.

Reapply salt every seven days until the English ivy dies. In most cases, one or two applications is enough to kill even the most stubborn plants.

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