My Mazda MP3 AUX Won't Work

mp3 player image by patrimonio designs from

Many Mazda vehicles now have an auxiliary connection port in the stereo system. This allows you to directly hook up outside audio equipment to the stereo, such as MP3 players. If, however, the car is not detecting the MP3 player, you need to troubleshoot the problem.

This issue is typically due to a control or cable error, both of which you can correct.

Check the cable connection running from the MP3 player to the AUX port. Make sure the 3.5mm cable is completely inserted into both ports, otherwise the audio signal is not going to reach the stereo.

Switch out the 3.5mm cable with one that has an extended metal connector. Some AUX ports have a deeper connection port, causing smaller 3.5mm connection cables to not function correctly.

Press the "Aux" button on the Mazda vehicle. If the stereo is not set to "Aux," the car will not play the music.

Change the stereo fuse if the stereo is not functioning (and the clock is not displaying the time). This occurs when the fuse has blown. The exact fuse location will vary, depending on the Mazda vehicle you own. Check the owner's manual for this information.