How to Use Rapid White

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Rapid White is a home tooth-whitening system that is manufactured and sold in the United Kingdom. Rapid White uses a non-peroxide active whitening ingredient that will not damage your tooth enamel. Rapid White offers three complete tooth-whitening kits: one week, two week and a Blue Light whitening system. Rapid White also makes a Whitening Booster Gel, Travel Tooth Whitening Pen and Daily Whitening Toothpaste. If you have never whitened your teeth, the makers of Rapid White suggest you begin with the 1 Week Tooth Whitening System. You can purchase Rapid White products exclusively at Boots pharmacies.

Boil some water and fill your heat resistant container about two-thirds full. Your container should be wide enough for the tray to float inside of it. Wait approximately one minute for the water to cool down a little.

Remove the mouth trays from the Rapid White package. Place one tray into the boiling water and let it soften for about 10-12 seconds. The tray should lose its hazy colour and turn transparent when soft.

Remove the tray from the water, being careful not to let the tray stick to itself. Shake off any excess water. Check the temperature to make sure the tray is not too hot.

Place the tray gently into your mouth and press firmly against your upper teeth. Use your tongue to press the tray against the back of your teeth and the roof of your mouth.

Close you mouth gently then release your teeth. Leave the tray in your mouth without biting down for about 10 seconds. Once the tray is comfortably formed in your mouth, take it out and cut off the plastic tab using scissors. Store the tray in the provided case. Repeat the process with the bottom tray.

Brush your teeth gently, using a mild toothpaste. This will remove any surface dirt and prepare your teeth for the whitening process.

Squeeze a small amount of the Rapid Whitening Gel into the front 10-12 slots on both trays, forming a small vertical line. Be careful not to use to much gel, as this could irritate your gums and will not accelerate the whitening process.

Uncap the Rapid White Accelerator and prime the applicator pad by pressing gently against a clean surface. Once the liquid is flowing, apply the Rapid White Accelerator to the teeth you will be whitening by rubbing the pad tip on the surface of your teeth.

Place the upper and lower mouth trays into your mouth and use your fingers to press firmly against your teeth. Wipe off any excess whitening gel using a cotton swab. Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes.

Remove the trays and brush your teeth gently without toothpaste to remove any gel. Rinse your mouth with water and place the mouth trays in their storage containers. Repeat the whitening procedure twice a day for seven days.

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