How to Remove Urine Stains on Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is long lasting and does not require much maintenance to keep it in shape. It can resist most household allergens and dust. Most liquids will not damage rubber flooring and mould or fungi will not grow on the surface, which makes this flooring an ideal choice for bathrooms.

However, if you notice urine stains on the flooring, it is possible to remove the stains and keep the floor looking new.

Mix liquid dish soap with warm water. Dip a clean rag into the soapy water, then use the rag to wipe up the urine spot. If the urine stain is new, it may come off the rubber flooring using only this soap and water combination.

Apply a generous amount of white toothpaste to the urine stain and gently scrub in a circular motion with a toothbrush. Allow the toothpaste to set on the stain for 10 to 15 minutes.

Rinse the affected area with clean water. If the urine stain is still visible, repeat Step 2.

Wipe the area with a clean, dry rag.