How to Seal Tree Stumps

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There are a variety of decor items you can make from sawed-off tree stumps, including bookends, candlesticks or picture display pieces. You can also seal tree stumps and place them in your home or garden as extra seating. Seal tree stumps after they've dried for several days to avoid rotting.

Purchase wood sealant at hardware or home improvement stores.

Place the tree stump over several sheets of newspaper or a dust sheet.

Sand the top of the tree stump with medium-grit sandpaper until you've smoothed the surface. Brush away the sawdust.

Sand the top of the tree stump with fine-grit sandpaper until the stump is completely smooth and soft. Brush away as much of the sawdust as possible.

Paint the entire stump with a thin coat of wood sealant. Do not apply a thick coat as it will take a longer time to dry and may form air bubbles.

Let the wood sealant dry completely.

Paint another thin coat of wood sealant and let it dry completely.