How to repair rust on washing machines

AE Pictures Inc./Digital Vision/Getty Images

Washing machines become damaged over time either from constant use -- or misuse. If you notice brownish red spots on your clothes, your machine has developed rust. How to remove the rust depends on where it is. If it is on a replaceable part, then a new part will take care of the issue quickly.

If it is on the tub that the clothes are washed in, then only a temporary repair is possible until you replace the machine.

Locate the source of the rust. Look for scratches that have rusted in the basket as well as on the hoses that connect to the washing machine.

Replace the hoses with new ones from the store if you find rust inside the connections.

Paint on a rust stopper where ever the rust is located. This will neutralise the rust and keep it from spreading. Let this dry for several hours.

Apply heat-resistant paint over top of the rust spot to cover it and keep water from restarting the rust process.

Seal the paint with a silicone spray to keep the paint from getting scratched. Keep an eye on the spot and reapply if it gets scratched.

Fill the washer with water and the proper quantity of laundry rust remover. Don't put any clothes in the machine. This will clean out remaining rust deposits and keep your clothes from being stained in the future.