How to Change a Kangoo Key Battery

Many cars today now have remote control keys that allow you to lock and unlock your car and set the alarm from a distance. The Renault Kangoo panel van, originally manufactured in France, is equipped with such a remote control key. From time to time, the battery inside your Kangoo key goes dead.

If your remote key will not unlock your vehicle, it means it is time to change the battery. The correct battery will depend on the year of your Kangoo, so consult your Renault dealership to make sure you purchase the right replacement battery.

Unscrew the small screw on your Kangoo key with a small screwdriver typically used for eyeglasses repair. Set the screw and the open section of key aside.

Wedge the old battery out from the key by using a butter knife or other small flat object. The battery will be small, silver and disclike in shape.

Slide the new battery into place inside the Kangoo's key.

Place the other half of the key in place and carefully replace the screw, taking care not to drop it.