How to transfer photos to a DVD

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DVDs can be a great way to backup files and folders you cannot bear to lose. They are a cheap, expendable media that can be written to and shared easily. Both Windows and Mac computers have a simple process to follow that will help you keep those memories safe and provide an easy way to share files with friends.

Using a Windows Computer

Insert a blank DVD into your computer’s optical drive and cancel any dialogs that appear.

Click “Start” and then “Computer”, sometimes labelled “My Computer” on older versions.

Double click on your DVD drive. Insert a label into the field if asked to do so and choose “Like a USB drive” if Windows prompts you for the type of disk you wish to burn. When the drive opens the contents will be empty.

Navigate to your pictures in another window. Once you have found them, drag and drop the files you wish to burn into the blank DVD window. Windows Vista and 7 will begin to immediately burn the files once you drag them across.

Click “Write these files to CD/DVD” if you are using Windows XP, and the Windows CD/DVD writing wizard will begin. Otherwise, eject your CD to finalise the burning process. Label the CD for future reference.

Using a Mac Computer

Insert a blank DVD into you computer’s optical drive and cancel any dialogs that appear. The disk should now be visible on your desktop.

Open the disk by double clicking. Drag and drop your picture files into the disk’s window and arrange and rename them if you wish.

Click “File” followed by “Burn Disk” to initiate the disk-burning wizard. Eject the DVD once the burn is complete.

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