How to Descale a Krups Coffee Machine

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Many Krups coffee machines are equipped with a special second filter that helps cut down on chlorine taste and mineral deposits from non-purified water. But over time mineral deposits will build up, requiring that you descale your coffee machine in order to keep it clean and be able to enjoy good tasting coffee. Clean your Krups coffee machine regularly to avoid white mineral scale build-up that takes more time to remove as it accumulates.

Fill your cooled Krups coffee pot halfway with warm water. Add a few drops of liquid hand dishwashing detergent into the warm water and swish the coffee pot around to make soap suds. Soak the inside of your coffee pot for 10 to 15 minutes so the soap can loosen mineral scales.

Scrub the Krups coffee pot with a soft nylon mesh scrubber to loosen mineral deposit stains. Wash the entire inside of the pot, including underneath the rim and the pouring spout. Washing with soap and water may be enough to remove mild mineral stains, but more severe mineral scale build-up will require you to continue to the next steps.

Empty your coffee pot of the soap solution and rinse several times with warm water.

Pour undiluted white vinegar into the water reservoir compartment of the coffee machine. Fill to the highest brewing level. Turn on the machine and allow the vinegar to work its way through the reservoir, and into the coffee pot to remove mineral scale build-up both inside the machine as well as whatever is left inside your coffee pot.

Turn off the coffee machine. Allow the vinegar to remain in the coffee pot until completely cooled.

Dump the cooled vinegar out of the coffee pot and run the machine through two brewing cycles with only water. This washes away any remaining mineral deposit scales while rinsing out the vinegar.

Dry your Krups coffee pot with a clean towel.

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