How to Make a Davy Crockett Hat

Davy Crocket was actually born on a mountaintop in Tennessee in 1786 and is most notable remembered for his signature coonskin cap. These caps remain popular through the years for costume and practical purposes. The cap consists of a wide brim that wraps around your head and fat top to the hat shape. The addition of the face of the skin hanging down from the front of the hat and the tail descending in the back is what makes these caps stand out from a regular fur hat.

Cut a strip of card stock that wraps around your head plus ½ inch using scissors. The strip should reach from the top of your forehead to your eyebrows.

Tape the ends of the strip together overlapping by ¼ inch at each end to form a circle. Stand the circle up on top of another piece of stock, and trace the inside of the circle with a pencil.

Add ¼ inch all around the traced circle and cut it out. This is the top pattern for your cap. The strip is the pattern for the brim of the cap.

Lay the raccoon hide with the fur facing down and put the pattern pieces on top of it. The pattern for the top should be right below the face of the raccoon. The strip should be placed wherever it fits.

Trace the pattern pieces onto the hide and cut the traced pieces out leaving the head attached when you cut out the top piece. Trace the pieces again onto the quilted fabric for the lining, and cut those out, too.

Sew the ends of the fur strip together with a ¼ inch seam using a needle and thread to make the outside brim. Do the same to the quilted strip to make the brim lining. The seams should be on the wrong side of the fur and fabric.

Turn the fur strip inside out so the fur is on the inside and the seam is on the outside. Place the fur top piece above the brim with the fur facing down. The face should be inside the brim when you place the top piece on top of the brim.

Pin the edge of the top and the brim together and sew them using an overcast stitch, leaving a gap only where the head it attached to the top piece of fur. Take the pins out and turn the cap fur side out, with the face resting on the brim.

Assemble the lining part of the cap the same way by placing the top above the brim and sewing them together. Leave the right side of the lining on the inside with the seams on the outside.

Slide the lining cap inside the fur cap and sew them together with very small stitched around the bottom edge of the brim. You should also sew along the sides of the face to secure it down to the brim.

Cut off the tail from the hide and pin it to the back of the hat so you can sew it in place. Put the hat on before sewing to ensure the placement is correct.

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