How to Use a Stop & Lock Luggage Scale

Peter Starman/Photodisc/Getty Images

With the increase in federal aviation security, there are many restrictions on the items travellers may carry on flights. Airlines have attempted to cover their losses by charging passengers for carry-on items that the airlines now deem excessive. One way to meet these strict carry-on guidelines and avoid extra fees is to weigh your items before flying. Many companies produce Stop & Lock luaggage scales for a quick, effective way to know exactly how much your carry-on items weigh.

Hold the Stop & Lock luggage scale by the blackhand grip so that the dial and the luggage hook hang freely below it.

Twist the knob where the hook enters the scale by hand until the scale reads 0. This will set the tare, or base weight of the scale before adding items.

Slide the carrying handle of your luggage over the hook of the Stop & Lock luggage scale.

Hold the Stop & Lock luggage scale at a fixed height without moving it up or down. This will allow the scale to accurately read the luggage's weight.

Read the dial by noting which weight it points to. This is how much the piece of luggage weighs.

Compare the weight against the airline's weight restrictions, and remove items from the luggage if necessary.

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