How to decorate a hall for a birthday party

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Decorating a hall for a birthday party can seem like a daunting task, especially when you are decorating a large hall to accommodate many guests. However, you can decorate the birthday hall in sections that indicate the purpose of each section to the guests.

Outline the dance floor, indicate the buffet and bar and provide comfortable places to sit and talk, all with beautiful birthday party hall decorations.

Outline the open main doors in a colourful balloon arch. Place a stanchion with a placard that welcomes guests to "The (name of birthday person's) Birthday Party" on each side of the doors. Place an easel with an oversized birthday card and markers off to the side so that well-wishers can sign it.

Scatter round tables covered with white tablecloths or tablecloths that match the colours of the decorations around the lower half of the hall. Use candles and flowers for the tables' centrepieces. You can also create centrepieces from fairy lights or small twinkling lights and netting that will match the decorations over the dance floor.

Indicate the dance floor by hanging colourful, small twinkling lights within masses of sparkling silver or gold netting from the ceiling. You can also hang 70 cm to 1 metre (2 to 3 feet) sections of curled metallic ribbon from the netting. Outline the dance floor in a glittery metallic tape if dancers spilling off the dance floor is a safety concern.

Set up a buffet and gift table off to the sides of the hall, out of the way of arriving guests and dancing couples. Ensure that the buffet table is far enough away from the wall so that two serving lines can form around it. Hang two bunches of balloons that match or contrast with the decoration scheme on either side of the tables. Place a larger version of the round tables' centrepiece on each table. Put a gift on the gift table to indicate its purpose. A separate drinks or bar table can keep the food line moving smoothly, and a bartender can provide alcohol control.

Place rest room signs outside near the main doors and on the walls inside the hall if the rest rooms are located outside of the birthday party hall. These signs can continue the birthday party decoration theme with matching party colours, outlines of male and female party goers in birthday hats or gift signs with the words "Men's" or "Women's" and arrows printed on them, indicating the direction of the rest rooms.