How to Set the Clock in a Mercedes C230

Mercedes-Benz is a German automaker that has been producing popular luxury vehicles since 1901. Mercedes-Benz C-class series vehicles are entry-level compact executive cars known for their style and performance. In 2004, Mercedes breathed new life into the C-class by releasing the sportier Mercedes C230. In addition to the C230's many other features, each C230 includes a digital clock that you can set through the buttons on the multi-function steering wheel.

Press the "Next Menu" button on the steering wheel repeatedly until the "Settings" menu is shown on the vehicle's multi-function display.

Press the "+" or "-" buttons until the "Time/Date" submenu is highlighted on the digital multi-function display.

Press the up or down arrow buttons until the "Time, Hours" message is shown. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to set the clock's hours digits to reflect the current time. Press the "Reset" button on the instrument cluster to save your changes to the hours digits.

Use the "+" or "-" buttons to access the "Time/Date" submenu a second time.

Press the up or down arrow buttons repeatedly until the "Time, Minutes" message is displayed. Set the clock's minutes digits to the correct time using the "+" and "-" buttons. Press the instrument panel "Reset" button to save your changes to the minutes digits.

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