How to Remove Wheels From Heelys

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Heelys are part shoe, part skate. With a sturdy wheel in the centre of each heel, Heelys let you go from walking to skating in a flash. Use Heelys anywhere, from the mall to the skatepark. Heelys don't require much maintenance, but you do have to change the wheels from time to time.

Taking out the wheels isn't difficult, but if you're not careful you can damage your Heelys.

Sit down or remove your Heelys. Turn your skate shoe sideways so the wheel points away from you.

Press down hard with your thumbs on the top of the wheel until that side pops out of its bracket.

Turn the shoe over and press down on the other side of the wheel to snap it out of the shoe. Store the wheels in an easy-to-remember location.