How to Take Night Time Shots With a Canon SLR 1000D

Square at night image by Cristian Lepadatu from

The Canon 1000D, which is also known as the Rebel XS in the United States, is a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera. It offers the benefits of digital photography, such as instant image review, and the advanced features of a professional camera, like interchangeable lenses.

To take quality night photos with it, you need to adjust the camera so the maximum amount of light enters it. While the camera has a dedicated night shooting mode for quick shots, the best method is to use your own settings in manual mode.

Turn on the camera and place your subject in the most lit place that is still acceptable to your composition.

Set the camera to manual shooting mode by turning the dial on top to "M".

Increase the ISO to the highest possible rating by holding the "ISO" button on top of the camera and rotating the dial next to it.

Open the aperture all the way by holding down the "Av" button, then rotating the dial on top of the camera to the left.

Rotate the dial on top of the camera (by itself) to change the shutter speed. As you do this, look through the viewfinder and place the exposure indicator in the middle of the meter.

Press the shutter button partially to gain focus, then fully to take the picture.

Review the image. If it is too blurry, increase the shutter speed. If it too dark, decrease the shutter speed. If it is too bright, decrease the shutter speed, or change the ISO to the next highest setting and repeat the process.