Audi A6 Bumper Removal

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Since 1994, German automobile manufacturing company, Audi, has been producing its A6 series. Its bumper removal can be tricky, however, because there are some changes made to this series that are not typical in other automotive series. The biggest challenge you will run into will be trying to remove the bumper without causing damage to the backup sensors. This is not impossible, but extra care should be taken to ensure that nothing is damaged in the process of removal of the A6 bumpers.

Take the corner panel trim off the rear through the truck.

Remove all wire modules connected to the taillights of the car. To get to the rear bumper, take off all of the various car assemblies. This will reveal the bumper’s mounting screws.

Unscrew the four screws holding the mounting into place and then carefully remove the electrical connection module located beneath the driver’s side tail light area. This is where the A6’s backup sensors are connected.

Remove all of the lower mounting beneath the rear bumper. While positioned in the centre of bumper, carefully lift off the bumper cover. This may require some help to ensure that the bumper fasteners and the corner panels are not ruined.

Jack the car up in the front and support it with jack stands to prepare for the removal of the front bumper.

Disconnect all electrical connection modules—fog lights, wiper sprayers and black housing for fog lights. Also remove the interior wheel wells. Remember to disassemble the spray line as well.

Remove the two bolts holding the bumper to the car with your Allen wrench.

Remove the bumper by positioning yourself in the centre of the bumper and gently pulling it off. Make sure that you do not damage the fasteners on each side in the process of removing the front bumper.

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