How to adjust a salter 9005 bathroom scale

AE Pictures Inc./Digital Vision/Getty Images

The Salter Company manufactures a variety of scales for kitchens and bathrooms. Salter bathroom scales send a small electric current through the body to measure the body density, as muscles and fat react to electricity in different ways and offer different types of resistance to the current.

The Salter 9005 bathroom scale is available online or in certain home retail stores. It takes only a few steps to make adjustments.

Wait for the scale to turn off if the scale has recently been in use. The display will be blank.

Press and hold down the operating key on the bottom front of the scale for 5 seconds. The screen will display "- -" for 4 seconds.

Continue to hold down the operating key once the current operating mode is displayed. The scale will begin to scroll through the available weight modes.

Release the operating key when the desired weight mode is displayed. The scale is now adjusted to the desired weight mode.

Press the operating key again and wait for the scale display to read "0.0" to indicate the scale is ready for use.