How to cook ham, cabbage and potatoes in a pressure cooker

Steven Heap/iStock/Getty Images

Cook an inexpensive, no fuss meal by combining ham, cabbage and potatoes in a pressure cooker before you go to work. Turn the temperature to low and forget about it. Six to eight hours later you will have a complete meal ready to be eaten. Normally you would need to add liquid to a pressure cooker for the items to cook, but that isn't necessary when you're cooking cabbage. As the cabbage breaks down, it releases moisture. The lid on the pressure cooker will prevent the moisture from escaping the pot causing the food to slowly cook.

Peel the outer leaves off of a medium sized cabbage and the skin of four potatoes. Roughly chop both. Cube the ham.

Put half of the cabbage into the pressure cooker and sprinkle the entire surface of the cabbage with seasoned salt, pepper and garlic powder. Add the ham and potatoes and a final layer of cabbage. Put a dollop of butter on top of the cabbage and before repeating the seasoning process. Place the lid on the pressure cooker.

Turn the pressure cooker on. Set the temperature to 120C or the "low" setting and allow your ham, cabbage and potatoes to cook for six to eight hours.

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