How to repair a telescoping luggage handle

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There are few things as annoying as a broken luggage handle as you're preparing to store your carry-on in the overhead bin. With an extended telescoping handle, your suitcase could be more than a foot longer than you had anticipated. But a broken handle may not be the end of the story for your bag.

Replace it yourself and your luggage can make a triumphant return upon your next visit to the airport.

Find a replacement handle that matches your suitcase. Contact the suitcase manufacturer for a replacement part or search online for the correct handle (see Resources).

Open your suitcase and find the screws holding your telescoping handle in place.

Detach the screws and remove the broken handle from your luggage.

Place the new handle on your suitcase in place of the old one.

Attach the new handle with the same screws you removed earlier.