How to prevent a cat from climbing a fence


Whether you want to keep a cat in or out, preventing it from climbing the fence can be an essential factor. If your own cat climbs the fence and escapes from your yard, it could be at risk for coming in contact with dangerous animals or getting injured by a passing vehicle. Cats that climb the fence to get into your yard can potentially put you at risk for contracting parasites and can also inflict harm to other animals. Whatever your reasoning, it is possible to prevent cats from climbing the fence with some simple construction.

Place chicken wire at the bottom of the fence so that it leans in the opposite direction of the fence. Stick the wire inside the ground a few inches until it is sturdy, then bend the wire away from the fence. Since the fence is bent towards the cat, it will be quite difficult for the feline to get over the wire to access the fence. Make sure the wire is at least three or four feet high to prevent the cat from being able to jump over the wire and reach the fence.

Place spikes that are made to deter birds in front of the fence. Place the spikes a foot or two in front the length of the structure. The spikes will make it difficult for the cat to stand in front of the fence to climb it. Bird spikes are typically available at home and garden stores.

Plant vegetation designed to repel cats in front of the fence. The plant Coleus canina contains a scent that is unappealing to cats and typically causes them to stay away. Place the plants along the bottom of the fence to keep the cat away.

Fill 2-liter plastic bottles halfway with water. Place them along the bottom of the fence, about five feet away from each other. The reflection the water creates when the sun hits the bottles can be effective in scaring the cats away.

Spray the cat with water when you see it attempting to climb the fence. You could also install motion-activated water sprinklers in front of the fence as well. Over time, the cat will start to associate climbing the fence with the unpleasant action of getting squirted with water.

Place rubber snakes along the bottom of the fence. Cats are typically afraid of snakes and will not go near a fence that is surrounded by them.

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