How to Dim the Dash Light in a Mazda 5

Despite being smaller than many minivans, the compact Mazda 5 still seats six passengers. The Mazda 5's dash light comes on when the headlights are turned on. This feature is designed to help give you a better view of the instrument cluster gauges when you are driving at night. The dash lights are a bright red colour. If you feel that the lights are too bright, you can easily dim them by using the dash light adjustment knob.

Inspect the instrument cluster. Look to the left of the speedometer. You'll see a small black knob. This is the dash light adjustment knob.

Turn the knob to the left to dim the Mazda 5's dash lights. Pay attention to the lighting while you are turning the knob.

Stop turning the knob when you reach the desired brightness. If you accidentally make the dash lights too dim, turn the knob to the right to make them brighter.

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