How to Clean Outdoor Drain Grates

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Leaves, trash and soil clogged in an outside drain grate is a potential problem. Clogged drains lead to potential flooding. By following a few steps and investing some time a few months of the year, clogged outdoor drain grates will be a thing of the past.

If drain grates are full of debris, there are a few steps to follow to rid them of debris and ward off possible flooding.

Rake away any leaves around the drain grate. Remove the grate by lifting off or unscrewing it, depending on the type of grate installed.

Hose off dirt and debris from the grate. If the grate is plastic and it is beginning to crack, consider replacing it.

Clean any debris out of the drain while the grate is off. Wearing gloves, scoop out of the drain any leaves, litter or soil that have washed down into it.

Replace the drain cover. Repeat cleaning steps every few months.