How to update windows media player for blu-ray

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As a standalone product, Windows Media Player does not support Blu-ray playback. However, with an additional download, Windows Media Player can be updated to play Blu-ray movies, and in turn can help stream those movies to your television or home theatre system.

Windows Media Player does not natively support Blu-ray playback because of the extra cost that purchasing the licensing would pass onto the consumer.

Purchase PowerDvd 10 or TotalMedia Theater 3. Both programs offer different features and are available for different prices. The company websites give further details about the specifications of each program.

Insert the installation disc for the program. If the installation does not begin immediately, open "My Computer" and double-click on your CD drive.

Install the program to the desired location. Once the program has been installed, you should be able to watch Blu-ray movies in Windows Media Player. By installing either of the above programs, you are also installing a codec that allows your computer to decipher Blu-ray content.

Insert a Blu-ray movie and open it with Windows Media Player. You can open the movie in Windows Media Player by opening the player, right-clicking the menu bar, and selecting "File" and then "Open." Select the movie file from the window that pops up. You can also open the file through "My Computer" by right clicking the Blu-ray drive and selecting "Open With." Select Windows Media Player from the menu.