How to Top Up Friends on a Mobile

Sprint subsidiary Virgin Mobile offers a "Pay As You Go" plan for its users who want to use Virgin Mobile phones but do not wish to sign a long-term contract. This pay-as-you-go plan enables Virgin Mobile subscribers to periodically add minutes to their wireless accounts by "topping up." Users can add minutes at a set rate in dollar value increments (as of October, 2010, 20 cents per minute). A user's friends can also "top up" an account with a credit card at the Virgin Mobile website.

Log on to the Internet by opening your Web browser.

Navigate to the Virgin Mobile website (see Resources) by entering the company's URL into your Web browser's navigation bar and pressing "Enter."

Click the "Top Up" link in the upper-right corner of Virgin Mobile's website.

Type in your friend's Virgin Mobile wireless phone number, and the dollar amount you wish to add to your friend's account, in ten dollar increments, between £6 and £78.

Click the "Top Up Now" button, which will direct you to the "Billing and Payment Info" page.

Select your credit card type by clicking the down arrow under "Payment Method," and then highlight and click on your credit card (Visa, Discover, etc.). Enter your credit card number, card security number, credit card expiration date, and your name and address in the appropriate text or drop-down boxes. Click "Next" to proceed to the "Review" page.

Verify the information you entered in Step 6 and click "Next." Click "Submit" to confirm your information and process the payment to add minutes to your friend's account.

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