How to find natural spring water

mill creek image by Don Lewis from

Whether for survival or if you simply want a free source of water, natural springs are the answer. These natural water sources can be found throughout the world, even in deserts, if you search hard enough.

The best way to find a natural spring is with the help of animal life and by observing the natural elevation of the ground.

Watch the direction in which birds fly at dusk and dawn. Their general direction may point you to a natural water source. Birds also fly in circles around a water source.

Pay attention to signs of wildlife, such as animal droppings, trampled plant life or actual animals. Follow the signs as animals tend to stay close to a water source.

Observe insect activity while you walk through the wilderness. An increase in the number of insects often indicates water is nearby.

Look for dense, bright green vegetation. If the plant life suddenly becomes more dense, it's usually a sign of abundant water.

Move to the area of highest elevation. Look around for crevices or ditches in the ground or rock formations. Over time, a natural springs can wear away the earth and create a steady flow of water. You should also take note of any valleys.

Move to a low elevation, such as a valley, as this is where springs naturally drain. If you do not see flowing water, you can often find water in the ground by digging down at least 6 inches.