How to Cook With Enamel Cookware

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You can cook a wide variety of delicious meals by controlling the temperature inside enamel cookware. Cookware manufacturers apply porcelain and ceramic enamels to the inner and outer surfaces of metal pans to make them easier to use and clean. A cast iron pan coated in a hard enamel has the dual benefits of heat retention from the heavy metal and easy food release from the smooth enamel. Get the best possible performance out of enamel cookware by using a few specialised techniques to ensure meal success.

Place the enamel cookware on a stove burner and set the heat to medium-low. Enamel cookware can be used with gas and electric stoves. Let the cookware heat up empty with the lid off for 20 to 30 seconds.

Add enough cooking oil or butter to coat the base of the pan if you are cooking a low-fat dish.

Put just enough of the raw food item into the enamel cookware to barely cover the surface of the base. Thaw frozen ingredients before they are added to a hot enamel pan.

Increase the heat to medium-high to encourage browning on the food. Stir the cooking food with a kitchen utensil that will not scratch the enamel surface.

Reduce the heat to low once the food has sufficiently browned, and cover the enamel cookware with the lid. Move oven-safe enamel cookware to an oven heated at 275 degree Fahrenheit to continue cooking. Continue baking in the warm oven until the food is fully cooked.

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