How to Use a Smeg Oven

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SMEG ovens are touted by the SMEG Company as "technology with style" for your kitchen. SMEG takes pride in its stainless steel oven equipment and looks to leading architects to create a visual statement for your home.

However, form does not trump function in the SMEG Company; all ovens are designed to be efficient and easy-to-use. SMEG ovens feature a limited amount of controls that cover a variety of baking needs.

Choose the cooking mode using the far left switch. For example, if you want to cook a cake, you would set the mode knob to "Bake."

Select "Manual Cooking" from the middle knob, or choose "Timed" to set the oven to a specific cook time.

Turn the temperature knob on the far right to the desired temperature for cooking.

Place the included metal rack into the centre of the oven. Set your pan or pot on top of the rack.

Set the glass collector plate on the bottom of the oven to collect grease and fat that may fall from the food.

Hook the rack with the "tubular gripper" to pull the rack out in order to remove the food.

Pour a non-chlorine-based, non-abrasive cleanser into a soft rag and wipe the surface.

Rinse all cleaning areas thoroughly with water, and dry the oven with a soft cloth.

Clean the window door glass with a standard glass cleaner. Use a soft cloth when applying the cleaner and ensure that all of the cleaner is wiped away before using the oven.