How to Set a Mechanical Timer

Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Mechanical timers are simple devices that plug into wall outlets and control the power to whatever device is plugged into it. After setting them up properly, they will automatically turn on the device at a predetermined time and then turn it back off at another predetermined time.

Use them to control lighting in your home if you will be away for awhile; this may prevent your house from becoming a crime target. You can also use them for automated applications like grow lights if you have a lot of plants.

Locate the red "On/Timer" switch on the mechanical timer. Switch it to the "Timer" position.

Plug your timer into an electrical socket that is nearby the appliance or device you want to control.

Turn the dial clockwise to set the current time. Align the bold arrow up to the present time. Take note that the dark coloured times are PM and the light coloured times are AM.

Push all pins on the front of the timer down between the desired on time and the desired off time. This will allow the timer to power the device between the start of the "on time" and will power the device down at the start of the "off time."

Plug your device directly into the front of the timer. If powering multiple devices, plug a three-way outlet into the front of the timer first and then plug each device into the three-way outlet.

Move the red switch to the "On" position to disable the timer. This will power up the device as long as it is plugged in.