How to Upgrade Bluetooth in a 2006 Range Rover

The 2006 Range Rover offers Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing you to communicate hands-free on your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone.

You can only use Bluetooth with your Range Rover if you have a navigation system installed in your vehicle, and not all cell phones are compatible with the Range Rover Bluetooth connectivity system. Check your manual before synchronising your cell phone. To upgrade your Bluetooth system, you must contact your nearest Land Rover dealer.

Check your vehicle's model year to determine whether you need a CD or DVD upgrade. Models before 2002 need a CD, while models made in 2002 and after require a DVD.

Contact your nearest Land Range Rover dealer. Ask the agent for the latest Bluetooth upgrade DVD. Schedule a time and place to pick it up, or have the agent send to you in the mail.

Press the "Open" or "Eject" button on your entertainment system that houses your navigation unit. It will eject the current Bluetooth DVD. Remove it from the drive.

Insert the new BMW Bluetooth DVD. Push the "Close" button. Tap the Bluetooth icon on your navigation system.

Type in Bluetooth activation code --- "2121" on all Range Rover models --- using the numeric keypad when requested. The navigation system will automatically upgrade to the Bluetooth software.