How to Build Your Own Garage in the UK

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A garage can function in many ways. It can provide security for your car or other vehicles, or it can be a dry place to repair household equipment. A garage can offer extra room for storage, or it can serve as an indoor playroom, home gym or woodwork room.

Owning a garage can lower your car insurance premium and might add value to your house. There are many firms within the UK that can build you a garage according to your specifications, but perhaps you want to play a more active role in the building process. In that case, consulting with professionals is still a necessity.

Check relevant national and local regulations to see if you need planning permission.

Draw up layout plans. For a large or complex project, seek professional advice. If you plan to install electricity in your garage, seek professional advice. Note national and local regulations governing electrical safety for dwellings.

Identify a firm and level concrete base for your garage. If one is not available, you will have to construct one after digging a foundation. To ensure accuracy and safety, professional help is the best option for digging a foundation. Refer to resources.

Lay two courses of bricks or stones as the perimeter of the garage. Leave pre-measured gaps for doors. With the trowel and mortar, fit damp course to bricks or stones. Lay remaining brick or stone courses to roof height. Leave pre-measured gaps for windows.

Construct your roof, which can be flat, sloping or pitched. Within England and Wales, consult the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister to help decide which roof is right for your garage and the recommended steps for construction. See resources. You will have to option to download the document for free and save money.

Fit window frame(s) and door frame(s). Apply the paint or stain to the frames. Glaze windows. Fit door(s). Apply paint or stain. Fit lock(s) to door(s) and window(s).