The Top Ten Lego Retailers

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Lego bricks and sets are some of the best-selling toys around the world with an average of seven Lego set bought every second. Germany remains the largest retail market for Lego toys with the United States in second place. Because Lego stock is not sold publicly on any stock market, their internal financial reports are not available for review. However, a close look at some of the largest retailers in the world reveals the size and scope of each retailer's Lego toy sales.

Lego Products Worldwide

Lego sells directly to consumers through its online store and in retail stores in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Germany. There are additional Lego retail stores in the Lego theme parks.

With Germany as the largest market for Lego toys, the German retail giant, Metro GR is likely one of the largest retailers of Lego products. Metro GR is a dominant retailer in most of Europe, Asia and parts of Africa. Lego bricks and sets are available in stores and online.

Lego Products in Stores

Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the US. Although they don't have a strong international market, they remain in the ranks of the top retailers worldwide because of their high volume sales. Wal-Mart's strong retail store presence combined with its online store probably makes it one of the highest volume Lego sales forces.

K-Mart and Target offer a variety of toys, and Lego product are chief among them. Each retailer has more than one thousand retail stores and each of their web sites shows hundreds of Lego toys available for sale as of October 2010.

Toys "R" Us and FAO Schwarz are two of the largest toy store chains in the US market and both offer a selection of toys including Lego products.

Lego Products On-Line

Amazon and eBay are the two largest online retailers in the world and each has thousands of Lego products for sale as of October 2010. Both sites have thousands of individuals selling Lego products. In addition, Amazon and eBay host Lego "stores" within each site.

Overstock and eToys are both leading retailers of toys online and both sell hundreds of Lego products.

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