DIY Oil Change for a Mercedes A Class

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Changing the oil in your Mercedes A class at a dealership can be a costly venture. The Mercedes A class was introduced in 1997, boasting ground-breaking advances in transmission technology and offering a wide-range of diesel and gas engines. The Mercedes A class is a compact vehicle, perfect for city driving.

Changing the oil is one task that can be carried out at home.

Place a plastic oil receptacle beneath the oil-drain plug located at the back of the sump. The sump is beneath the engine block. Unscrew the oil-drain plug and allow the oil to drain into the plastic receptacle. Replace the oil-drain plug, tightening it firmly .

Remove the oil filter casing, which is located behind the engine and to the left. You may need a socket extension to reach the nut. Once the casing is removed, pull the old filter free. Push the new filter into the oil filter housing, rub some oil on the gasket of the filter casing and screw it in.

Pop the bonnet and find the oil fill cap which is on the top of the engine block. It can be removed with your fingers. Pour three quarts of oil into the engine. The mouth is wide enough to pour the oil straight in, but it may be necessary to use a funnel.

Find the oil dipstick and pull it free. Wipe it clean with a rag and reinsert it. Pull it free once again and check the oil level. Continue to pour oil into the engine 1/2 quart at a time, until the oil level has reached the full line.

Start the car and allow it to run for five minutes so that the oil can circulate through the engine block. Check the oil dipstick once more, topping off as necessary.