How to Replace the Pickup Roller in a Brother Fax 4750E

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The Brother Fax 4750E is a device with several features and options. Like most fax machines, it also has a pickup roller that makes it easier to receive paper faxes. Without the roller, the Brother Fax 4750E would still function, but it would be less efficient, forcing the user to reach into the machine and pull out the paper themselves. Thankfully, replacing the roller is quick process that requires no knowledge of the device's assembly.

Turn off the Brother Fax 4750e. Unplug the machine to be safe. Place the device upside down on a hard surface.

Remove the six gears holding the pickup roller in place. If you have access to a manual, they are gears 54, 45 and 20. If not, they can be identified as the gears closest to the pickup roller. Do not lose them.

Pull the paper pickup roller by the shaft to remove it. Place the new paper pickup roller into the device.

Reattach the six gears holding the pickup roller into place. They should snap into place above the roller. Turn the device right side up and plug it back in.

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