How to neutralize rubber odor from floor mats

Mat on washing line image by Scott Latham from

Neutralising the smell of rubber can be an important part of good health. Removing the odour is not challenging, but it can take time. The smell will typically dissipate within a couple weeks naturally, but there are ways to speed up the process and eliminate the odour in a shorter amount of time.

Floor mats can be slightly challenging, depending on the size of the floor mat, but removing the odour is very important.

Set the floor mat in the sun. Sunlight will often minimise or eliminate the odour. If it cannot be moved into the sun, open windows during the time of day when the sun will come in through the window.

Provide good ventilation. Not only does this help move the odour and eliminate it, but it also prevents health problems associated with breathing in the fumes of the rubber mats. Opening a few windows and using a few fans to get the air moving should be enough.

Clean the floor mats with a mild cleaner. Dish soap, disinfecting cleaner, or any other mild soap with some water will work. Use a wash cloth and apply the cleaner. Rinse the floor mat to clean off the soap. Repeat a few times over the course of a couple days.

Spray or pour on an odour neutraliser. There are several brands available and many are sold in a spray bottle. Spray on the odour neutraliser and allow it to sit on the mat. Most odour neutralisers do not need to be cleaned off, although you should check the directions on the bottle to be sure.