How to Clean White Suede

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Suede is a soft and durable material, but white suede shows dirt and stains more than other colours, making it difficult to clean. You can easily ruin the material and stains that are left to set can become permanent.

You should take your suede garments to a professional cleaner, but doing so each time you have a stain can get costly. If you have to clean your white suede at home there are a couple of ways to do so.

Rub the surface (outside) of the suede with a clean towel to bring up the "nap" of the suede. This will help to remove loose dirt and will lift other stains for easier removal.

Remove dry stains with a clean white pencil eraser. Do not use pink or another colour eraser on white suede as it may mark the fabric. Simply take the eraser and move it gently side to side across a stain until it removes.

Gently scrape off lumps of dirt, food or scuff marks with a nail file. Do not scrape at the garment vigorously as that may ruin the nap.

Blot wet stains by placing a folded sheet of paper towel flat on the stain and setting a weight on top of the towel. Leave for a moment to allow the towel to absorb the stain.

Allow the leather to dry to ensure the stain is gone. Soak the edge of a towel in a tablespoon of white vinegar. Remove any stains that have set into the suede by rubbing the area with the edge in a single motion. Do not apply too much pressure or friction as this will disrupt the integrity of the suede.

Remove stubborn stains like body oil or sweat with leather cleaner and degreaser formulated for suede.

Allow the garment to dry and then brush it gently with a wire suede brush.