How to Fix a Landline Phone Jack

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A landline phone jack, or an RJ-11 phone jack, is a type of electrical socket that allows you to connect a telephone set to a telephone line via an RJ-11 connector.

Telephone jacks are designed to last for years and can even last decades without giving you any problems, but just like any other equipment, a telephone jack can become defective. Various types of problems can beset a phone jack, but due to its inexpensive cost and the trouble of repairing it, replacing the faulty jack with a new one is generally done. Learn to fix a faulty phone jack and save yourself some money.

Open the telephone interface box outside your house and unplug the modular connector located inside. The interface box is typically located on a wall nearest to where the telephone line from the telegraph pole runs into your house. Unplugging the connector disconnects your house telephone line from the telephone company line and prevents low voltage electric shock which can occur once somebody calls your phone while you're working on it.

Open the phone jack by removing its cover. Pry off a snap-on type cover by inserting a flat head screwdriver along the its edge, or unscrew the cover if it has a retaining screw on top.

Loosen the terminal screws inside the jack and disconnect all the wires. Remove the faulty jack from the wall using either method:

--Pry off the jack if it is held by a double-sided mounting tape using a flat head screwdriver.

--Unscrew the jack if it is held in place by a retaining screw using a screwdriver.

Remove the cover of a new RJ-11 phone jack and install the new jack on the wall by attaching it using a double-sided mounting tape or screw that came with the jack. Connect the telephone wires onto the jack by wrapping each colour-coded wire clockwise to its matching colour-coded terminal screw and then tightening each screw.

Replace the jack cover. Reconnect your house phone line to the telephone company line by replugging the connector inside the telephone interface box outside your house. Plug your phone into the new jack and place a call.