How to Connect Multiple TVs

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With one cable or antenna source, you can connect multiple TVs to share the signal. You can connect as many TVs as you want; the only limiting factor is the amount of supplies you have. Connecting TVs is not only good for daily use, but it's also good for parties. Set up your TVs around the house to allow people to walk around and still see what's going on instead of having to cramp together around the same TV.

Hook the antenna source to the single-threaded end of the cable splitter. The threaded connection of a cable splitter is called an RF connection. The same looking connection on the back of the TV labelled "Antenna In" is also an RF connection.

Connect a coaxial cable to the cable splitter for each TV you want to connect. Your cable splitter will need to have enough RF connections to connect the number of TVs you are connecting. Cable splitters range from a variety of numbered RF connections to accommodate splitting signals to as many devices as you need.

Connect the other side of each coaxial cable connected to the cable splitter to the RF connections of each TV you are connecting. The length of the coaxial cable will need to be long enough to reach from the cable wall outlet to each TV. Plug the electrical plugs of each TV into a nearby electrical socket.

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