How Do I Troubleshoot the DVD Eject on a Toshiba TV Model 32LV67U?

The integrated DVD player on the Toshiba REGZA 32LV67U High Definition LCD TV/DVD combination system has a vertical DVD slot on the left side of the TV rather than a traditional horizontal disc tray.

As with a horizontal disc tray, ejecting the disc from the slot requires you push a disc ejection button on the system remote or the left side control panel. When you push this button -- on your remote or the TV -- the disc may not eject. Reasons for this issue include insufficient power to the remote control, a control panel settings protection lockout and system malfunction.

Replace the batteries in your Toshiba 32LV67U remote control with two new AAA batteries. Although it may seem that the remote is working -- for example, the "VOL" and "CH" buttons work -- the remote may not have sufficient power to control all buttons equally. Once you've replaced the batteries, push the "EJECT" button.

Push the "OPEN/CLOSE" button at the bottom of the left side control panel if the remote won't eject the disc. If using the "OPEN/CLOSE" button on the TV works, contact Toshiba and request a replacement remote or assistance with further troubleshooting on why the remote won't work.

Press "MENU" on the remote control if the remote and TV left side control panel disc ejection buttons don't work. Open the Locks menu: highlight "Locks" on the screen and press the "Down Arrow" button on your remote. Enter your four-digit password and press the "ENTER" button.

Select "Front Panel Lock" on the Locks menu and "Off" on the Front Panel Lock side menu. Push "ENTER" to turn off the control panel settings lock. Try ejecting the disc by pushing the "OPEN/CLOSE" button on the left side control panel.

Turn off your TV if you still can't eject the disc and unplug it from its power source. Wait five minutes and plug it back in, turn it on and try again. If you still can't eject the disc, contact Toshiba for assistance as your TV and/or DVD player is malfunctioning and may require off-site repair or replacement.