How to Delete Channels on My Sharp Aquos

The Aquos is a model of flat-screen television manufactured by Sharp, a Japanese electronics company. You can create "Favorite" channels on your Sharp Aquos, enabling you to easily select your preferred channels, instead of scrolling through a long list. You can remove or delete channels from your favourites list when you decide you no longer need them, or want to add others to the list. You should allow approximately 5 minutes to complete this task.

Press the "Menu" button on your remote to enter the televisions set-up screen.

Press "Favorite CH" from the menu using the up and down arrows on your remote. Press "Enter."

Select "1 Data Clear" and press "Enter."

Use the arrow keys to select the channel you want to delete and press "Enter."

Confirm your choice by selecting "Yes" and pressing "Enter."

Press "Menu" again to exit the television's menu screen.

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